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1 min readJan 30, 2022


Rest In Peace Jeff Innis

By Jay Horwitz

We lost one of the good guys today. Jeff Innis passed away after a long battle with cancer that speeded up so quickly since the fall.

In November he was at Mets Fantasy Camp and having fun with alumni like Ron Swoboda, Doc Gooden, Josh Thole and Ed Hearn. But then the disease ramped up again.

Jeff pitched for us from 1987–1993 and it seemed liked he came out of the. bullpen every day. His side-arm delivery made him unique. A. graduate of the University of Illinois, you talk to Jeff about any subject.

He loved the fans and never shied away from any autographs. Jeff Innis was just a decent and humble guy who never made a big deal that he was a major league player. Jeff was proud of the fact that the Mets were the only team he. played for. in the big leagues.

On behalf of this wife Kelly and his kids, Keenan and Shannon, I wanted to thank all of the many fans who. contributed to the gofundme which helped bring Jeff home to Georgia and which will help take are of hospital bills and funeral expenses. He was just 59, way to young to die.