From Shagging Fly Balls At Shea To The Super Bowl

New York Mets
2 min readJan 30, 2022


By Jay Horwitz

Every time I see Patrick Mahomes throw an underhanded or side-armed TD pass, I think back to the days at Shea Stadium when he used to long-toss with his dad, Pat Sr., Todd Zeile and Mike Hampton in the outfield.

It was plain to see he had athletic ability beyond his years. When Patrick shagged with the pitchers, he would easily catch long balls hit to the outfield. He would make long throws back to the infield without a problem

There is no doubt in my mind this his baseball training has helped make him an MVP quarterback. He comes at you from all angles.

Patrick was always at his father’s side, on the field, in the bullpen or in the clubhouse. He was constantly on the move.

Naturally, his Mets family has cheered his career with great interest. We are all pulling for Patrick against the Bengals Sunday and that the Chiefs wind up with their second Super Bowl title.

It’s also great to see how Patrick honors his dad’s baseball days. Looking forward to him putting on his father’s Mets uniform 23 again after a victory celebration.