Hall of Famer Scott Rolen

New York Mets
1 min readJan 25, 2023

By Jay Horwitz

The first time I met new Hall of Famer Scott Rolen was 19 years ago when I witnessed a tutorial he gave then 22-year-old David Wright on what it takes to become a major leaguer. The talk came at an All Star Game in Houston and I’m sure he helped propel David on the right course for his own star-studded career.

While I am thrilled at Scott’s selection to Cooperstown, there is still a touch of sadness for me. Because if not for injuries, David Wright was set to become Scott Rolen. David just turned 40 and really still could be playing now except for the surgeries that derailed him.

David doesn’t look back though. He is at ease now with his wife Molly and three young kids living in California. Sometimes, you just can’t stop asking yourself what might have been.