Mets Acquired Tim Teufel On This Date In Mets History

By Jay Horwitz

It was probably one of the most under the radar trades in Mets history which wound up playing a vital part in the 1986 World Series Championship. Thirty six years ago today the Mets acquired Tim Teufel from the Twins and not many people realized how big that pick would become.

Teuf went on to platoon at second with Wally Backman and when he was playing Tim got one big pinch hit after another. I remember he won one game against the Phillies with a pinch-hit grand slam.

Even one of his tougher moments as a Met turned into a learning example for our younger players. Tim’s error in the first game of the 1986 against Boston led directly to a 1–0 defeat. Instead of running way or hiding in the training room, Teufel stood in front of his locker at Shea Stadium and answered questions for a solid hour.

Teuf was an early tutor to David Wright in the minors and went on to manage the Brooklyn Cyclones. He currently works as a Club Ambassador and is a coach in our minor league system.

That trade of 36 yeas ago is no longer under the radar.




Official Blog of the New York Mets

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New York Mets

New York Mets

Official Blog of the New York Mets

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