Remembering My Friend Jimmy Plummer

New York Mets
2 min readFeb 4, 2022

By Jay Horwitz

What better time to celebrate the career of long-time Mets front office exec Jimmy Plummer than in the middle of Black History Month.

At 18 “Plum” became the youngest and first black GM in the Appalachian League when he led the Mets’ Marion (A) farm team. Jimmy grew close to one of the young Mets pitchers by the name of Nolan Ryan. A photo of “Plum” and Nolan together has a prominent place in Ryan’s autography.

When he came to Flushing, all the guys loved Jimmy. They loved his wit, but they respected his wisdom. “Plum” knew the value of having an impact in the community and he made sure the Mets had a huge presence in little leagues around Shea Stadium.

Jimmy died way to young at age 57. He never made it to Citi, but we have the “Plum Room” here in his honor.

I miss the daily talks we used to have. He made it fun to come to the park.